MOT Curriculum

MOT curriculum

MOT Curriculum


Nagoya Institute of Technology has conducted aggressive education and research with elite junior faculty through promotion of university-industry collaboration. Program that facilitates working people aiming for top management or technical innovation, to acquire the Master's degree in one year (Short term study course for working people) and graduation program for people in start ups or entrepreneurs, technical managers, coordinators, and people aiming to acquire and retain intellectual property rights (General study course for developing entrepreneurs) have been established. We are thus developing leaders who contribute to the growth of the 'monozukuri' industry.

Industrial technology management

Intellectual property development, theory in Intellectual property, management, Technology management strategy, Quality management, Marketing, Technology deployment, Academy-industry cooperation, Mental health management, Technology creation.

Core technology

Material development, Material development, Production technology development, Electronic information development, Informatics technologies, Urban environment construction, Urban environment technology.

Common subjects

Industrial Strategy Engineering colloquium I / II, Industrial Strategy Engineering case study I / II, Presentation on Industrial Strategy Engineering, Exercises for Industrial Strategy Engineering corporate creativity I / II.

Subjects in collaboration with Keio University Business School

Technology strategy, Market economy, Decision making.

Subjects in collaboration with Toyota Motor corporation and other industries.

Corporate Strategy, Development Strategy, Business Law.

  Industrial technology management curriculum


Tokai region plays a role as a global manufacturing hub and further technological innovation is expected by integrating IT, Nano technology and Environmental technologies. In the field of Industrial technology management, our aim is to develop engineers with advanced management sense with aim to set up specific technologies and facilitate new deployments of these technologies. Marketing strategy focused on customer needs, Practical education for development and practice of intellectual property rights (Intellectual property development, Intellectual property, Management, Technology management strategy, Quality management, Marketing, Technology deployment, Academy-industry cooperation, Mental health, and International technology creation) are offered here.

Further in the field of management (Technology strategy, Market economy, Decision theory) are being offered in the Keio Business school, Keio University, and managers in major companies (Corporate strategy, Development strategy, Legal management) are offered in Toyota Motor corporation, Yamazaki Mazak and other affiliated courses are developed in state-of art technology management skills.

Students having special skills work together with the professors in the core technology to repeatedly brush up and sharpen their skills. For the working people, the results of their study can be published as a research paper and makes it possible to acquire a Master of Industrial Strategy Engineering in a short period of time through a highly focussed education system (Same is the case in the core technology field)

  Core technology curriculum

Core technology

Working with young teachers while promoting university-industry collaboration in the fields of engineering, challenging research and development is being undertaken with the aim of patenting and practical realization. The Coursework includes (Material development, Production technology development, Production technology, Electronic information development, Electronic information technology, Urban environment construction, Urban environment technology), through which expertise in the engineering field is deepened with the aim of establishing specific technology. In addition by collaborating with teachers in the field of industrial technology, initiative is taken for training engineers equipped with knowledge of the global economy, consumer psychology and marketing.

Students are encouraged to publish the results of their research and development at international conferences. In the common course, Industrial Strategy Engineering presentation, students work together with experts in English education, promotion, and self expression to polish their presentation skills (Same is the case in the Production technology management field).

  MOT course for working people

The most significant feature:
        solution-based education style

The most significant feature in this major is to bring the problems existing in the work place of the working student and resolution of that problem is taken as the research topic and is taught and guided by the teachers. What you will do is a research paper based on the resolution of the problem brought from your work place and not a thesis that normally takes about one year for any student to write. Direct business solutions are set up and these are summarized in a paper.

The process of problem solving is by report on case study, the featured course implemented in this major and system has been established to get advice from faculty who are outside of the core faculty. Please be sure to consider this major that provides a unique concept to studying. 'Solve the business problems faced by your company with the help of faculty members with a rich experience in problem resolution'.

for working people

Merits of sending your employees for this course:

The following would provide a direction for decision making on whether a person should or should not consider this major.

The most significant merit to send your employees to acquire this major while working is, [You would be able to resolve the problems being faced by your company through the help of the faculty in this department over the period of one year]. The business problems being faced by your company will be resolved through the cooperation of the faculty in this major. This is essentially the same as telling that the faculty in this department would basically help in resolving the problem.

In most universities, it would be necessary to leave the job in order to join the university, but in the case of this major, the research activity is directly linked to the student's work and along with resolving the issues, it is possible to acquire knowledge relating to technology management.

Many of the lectures and courses are offered in the evening and on Saturdays and consideration has been made so that it would not affect the regular office operations or work. Please review this opportunity to send your employees to study in this major.

  The example of completion

No. 1: For working people (Short term course)

Mr. 'A' working in a consumer electronics product company selected to take a short term course taking advantage of daytime and night time courses to obtain a Master's degree. Desiring a course in product development capturing the customer's wants, his aim was to make a breakthrough as an engineer who is sensitive to the market.

* Common subjects: mandatory credits: 10, Optional: 8
In the case of a research paper with the research theme [Development of consumer appliances that would delight the customer], the course would consists of the following. Industrial Strategy Engineering colloquium (4 units), Industrial Strategy Engineering case study (4 units), Industrial Strategy Engineering case study (4 units) and actual case study -> Preparation of research paper.

No. 2: For growth of industry (General course)

Mr. 'B' who is a graduate in material engineering selected a general master's degree course to be completed in two years. Enrols in order to deepen his specialized knowledge in materials engineering and has interest in projects for developing new materials.

* Common subjects: mandatory credits: 14, Optional: 4
The research theme for the Master's thesis is 'Study of development project for Fuel cell system'. Course to be taken are Industrial Strategy Engineering Colloquium (4 units 9, Industrial Strategy Engineering case study (4 units), Industrial Strategy Engineering case study (4 units) and Master's thesis -> Preparation of Master's thesis.

Both courses are available in both areas. Also after the completion of the Master's program, students can proceed to the doctoral program (or other major) where the faculty of this major are in charge.