MOT question and answer

Frequently Asked Question

The followings are frequently asked questions and answers raised up to the Master' program in Techno-business School in Nagoya Institute of Technology.

  • Q. When is the entrance examination for MOT held?

    A. The entrance examination is held twice annually, in August and in February, within which February one is exclusively for the working people.

  • Q. How can I apply for the entrance examination?

    A. Apply for the examination under the guidelines for applications posted on the web site of Nagoya Institute of Technology. The deadline of applications for the entrance examination in August is set during July, and for the examination in February is set during January.

  • Q. How can I see the application guidebook?

    A. Refer to the guidebook posted on the web site of Nagoya Institute of Technology. [Application guidebook]

  • Q. I would like to consult a professor of my specialized area. How can I contact a professor?

    A. Send the professor name and details of what you would like to consult on through the form available on the web site. You can also send an inquiry by e-mail directly to the professor you would like to consult. (Permission for personal consulting before the examination is left to the discretion of each individual professor). Please remember that some professors may not respond to your request.)

  • Q. Is it possible to visit a research laboratory before the entrance examination?

    A. Each research laboratory has its own rule for allowing visitors. In order to get more information for visiting one, either confirm the details on web site of the research laboratory, or directly contact the research laboratory.

  • Q. Can I choose a professor whose area of specialization is different from my major?

    A.Yes, you can choose a professor whose area of specialization you are interested in, regardless of your major at college. However, it might be unacceptable to choose a professor whose area of specialization is completely different from yours, as the professor would be your guide for your master's thesis.
    For example, if your specialization at college is machine engineering:
    In order to study mainly about machine engineering, it is recommended that you choose a professor specializing in core technology of machine engineering.
    In case you hope to study about commercialization and managerial approach of machine engineering, choose a professor specializing in management of technology.

  • Q. Is it possible to observe a class?

    A. Yes, observing a class is very welcome.
    Send a message requesting for class observation through the inquiry form on the web site. Please list some preferred dates for class observation. The person in charge will contact you.

  • Q. I'm working for a company by day, so I cannot attend classes in the daytime. Are the classes offered only in the daytime?

    A. As the time schedule is shown, there are classes offered at night with consideration for the working people. You can earn sufficient credits by taking only night classes.

  • Q. Is it possible to take an entrance examination though I used to major in arts course at college?

    A. In this course, we accept students from a wide sphere. So people (especially working people) with an arts ground have chance to pass an entrance examination. Though a certain level of engineering basics needs to be understood in order, graduates even with an arts background can complete the course.