Professor and Research Theme

Proffessor and research theme

Faculty belonging to this department are from core technology areas like Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Information, Civil engineering, Construction, Market development and Industrial technology management like Management control related to Marketing, Intellectual property management, Collaborative research.

Below is the list of faculty and their respective research fields that is basically an integration of engineering and management fields. Through the support of this faculty it is possible to systematically learn technology management whose core concept is 'Technology commercialization'.

  Industrial technology Management

  • Masahiro Inoue
    Professor/ Masahiro Inoue
    • Product design
    • Design thinking
    • Prototyping
  • Shigeru Takagi
    Professor/ Shigeru Takagi
    • Catalyst system with low environmental load using Fluorous layer.
    • Function-structure correlation in porphyrin complex catalyst.
    • Development of organic FET based on C60 derivatives.
  • Ken Nishina
    Professor/ Ken Nishina
    • Establishment of statistical process control system.
    • Systemization of quality information analysis.
    • Structure for evaluation of perceived quality.
  • Tadahiro Takeno
    Associate Professor/ Tadahiro Takeno
    • Research on manufacturing enterprises in Chukyo area.
    • Research on Global Manufacturing Network Strategy Japanese Manufacturing Companies.
    • Research on Technical development policy in Europe.
  • Norio Tokumaru
    Associate Professor/ Norio Tokumaru
    • International comparison on product development and human resource management of engineers
    • Organizational capability building and human resource management of IT enterprises in India and China.
    • Innovation system and innovation policy
  • Satoe Tomita
    Associate Professor/ Satoe Tomita
    • Occupational mental health
    • Sleep and well-being
    • Mental health today
  • Chikako Matsuura
    Associate Professor/ Chikako Matsuura
    • English language education for engineers.
    • Intercultural communication.
    • Multilingualism

  Core technology

  • Takayuki Ito
    Professor/ Takayuki Ito
    • Research on Multi-Agent Systems.
    • Research on Auction and Computational Mechanism Design.
    • Research on Group Decision Support Systems.
  • Eryu Osamu
    Professor/ Osamu Eryu
    • Development of new electronic material using ion beam and laser beam.
    • Nano planarization of hardware electronic material and development of nano structured organic sensors.
  • Takashi Nakamura
    Professor/ Takashi Nakamura
    • Research on oil film on water droplet cutting fluid with emphasis on the environmental factors.
    • Research on mechanism of electrical discharge machining, and engineering development of C-FRP machining.
    • Research on safety of magnesium alloy precision, and environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Associate Professor/ Hideki Sugimoto
    • Development of functional polypeptide materials.
    • Development of Organic - inorganic nano-hybrid materials.
    • Development of functional nano particles.
  • Associate Professor/ Yoshihiro Tanaka
    • Research on design and quantification of tactile feelings.
    • Research on skin model.
    • Development of tactile devices and their applications.
  • Associate Professor/ Mine Sudo
    • Research on classroom environment and learning efficiency.
    • Research on campus space management.
    • Rationally functional building environment design considering factors of quality of life, economic and environment factors.
  • Assistant Professor/ Ryo Taguchi
    • Research on human-robot communication.
    • Research on Language Acquisition by Robots.
  • Assistant Professor/ Reina Miyagawa
    • Study on interface control of semiconductor devices
    • Surface functionalization of SiC substrate with the use of femtosecond laser
    • Interfacial mechanism elucidation in epitaxial growth