MOT Vision

Aim to be a leader with an Engineer's mind.

MOT Vision

Aim to be a leader with an Engineer's mind.

Currently MOT (Management of Technology) has been attracting attention in Japan's manufacturing industry.
[Non realization of profit in spite of having Technological capabilities] is the problem being faced by the manufacturing sector and it is believed that the answer for solving this problem lies in MOT (Management of Technology). This belief is spreading among the manufacturing sector. Students from technical fields are pursued to study 'management' to refine their judgment in developing technology that would produce results and involve them in development of technology or products from the customer's view point.

Nagoya Institute of Technology's is the first public university to specialize in MOT through its Master's program majoring in Industrial Strategy Engineering. This has been established an independent major here. If MBA is the business school for liberal arts, we consider MOT as the business school for engineering. We have brought out the concept of 'Technology commercialization' as a major in the Industrial Strategy Engineering program.

Core technology & Industrial technical management
  • (1) Identify the technology.
  • (2) Explore the possibilities of technology.
  • (3) Give Shape to the potential technology.

These are the three pillars on which MOT stands. How new products and services, new businesses, or new business models can be created through innovative technologies is the focus of the Faculty members from various fields who are currently assigned to this program.

Expertise of the faculty members:
Faculty members come from either of the two following areas.

  • Core technology areas: Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Information, Civil engineering, Construction, and Urban development.
  • Industrial technical management field: Management, Marketing, Intellectual property administration, Academy-industry cooperation.

In other words it can be said that this is a collection of engineering fields to which the management field has been added. If you enrol in this department, it is possible to systematically learn about technology management that is the core concept of technical commercialization.

Nagoya Institute of Technology is a national university organization with a history of 100 years located in the Chubu region that is central to 'monozukuri'. The university contributes significantly to the industry and has the highest number of joint research projects by collaboration between business and academia and this is the highest in Japan. The university that is seen as having a significant presence from the industry has established a leading major that is the first in Japan. Be sure to check out this leading edge program called MOT.


  About MOT course

We have developed one year Master's program (one year course) to provide an opportunity for all practitioners to study technology management leading to a major in the Master's program in Techno-business school at the Nagoya Institute of Technology. This program will allow you to acquire a Master's program in one year.

For this major, in addition to the reasonable fees of a public university, as this course has been approved under the Training and Education Benefit system by the Health, Labour and Welfare Minister, the fees is reduced by as much as 1,00,000 Japanese yen. Also in order to avoid a major disruption in the work or business operations of the place or institution where a person may be working, the course subjects are offered in the evenings and on Saturdays.

MOT Cource

This is an excellent opportunity that will give big returns from a small investment! Do not miss the chance to acquire knowledge in a broad area of Management of Technology that includes Intellectual property administration, Management, and Marketing etc.